Steph Thirion, San Francisco, 2014.01.31

Announcing ...

I’m happy to announce Eliss Infinity! It’s coming out next Thursday, February 6th.

Eliss Infinity is multiple things. It’s the original Eliss sectors - which I’m now calling Odyssey - with a new look, a tutorial, early collision warnings, and more tweaks. It’s a universal app, so you can finally play it using the full screen of iPads and 4-inch devices. It comes with Spacebox - an Eliss sandbox for training or for chill times. It can sync progress across devices using Game Center. It has a slick new interface. And more things I’ll save for you to discover. It’s the Eliss I wish I could have released on day one.

One more thing... :)

The thing I’m the most excited to talk about: Infinity. It’s a score based, endless version of Eliss, with a new chaining mechanic. It’s a short burst, deep focus game, that ends fast and makes you go back for a higher score, until you master it and beyond. Think Tetris meets Super Hexagon meets ... Eliss, in all its multi-touch intensity. I love this game and I’m excited to put it out there. It has a new epic soundtrack, and it comes with Game Center leaderboards baked in and in-game challenges.

To sum up, Eliss Infinity: Infinity, Odyssey, Spacebox, universal, sync, Game Center, and more. Coming Feb 6th, at a launch price of $2.99.

Game Center achievements and to be announced features will be coming on a future update.

You can watch the announcement video here. I’m saving all the other goodies - screenshots and trailer - for launch day.

I’m still working on Faraway. I’ll publish a write up about how this project came to be in the coming days.

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