Steph Thirion, San Francisco, 2014.06.27

Music + 1.1 + Android

We had a little technical hiccup yesterday but I'm happy to say we've finally launched all the goodies: soundtrack, 1.1 and last but not least: Eliss finally lands on Android!


The soundtrack consists of two EPs: Eliss EP, with the original 2009 music, and ∞ EP, with the 2014 music additions of Eliss Infinity. This second EP was reworked and extended into a short concept album. I'm really happy to finally release this music.

Hello Android

Eliss was designed for multitouch screens and became a multitouch classic. After its 2009 release, amongst much praise, Touch Arcade called it "a multi-touch masterpiece." and EDGE "a multi-touch marvel". Earlier this year I launched Eliss Infinity, a new infinite game based on the original, which also included the full original game modernized, and a whole pack of goodies, which was again praised by the press. Mac|Life wrote "what was innovative in 2009 remains fresh, tactile, and truly terrific today." But until today, it was not available on one of the two biggest multi-touch platforms: Android. I'm happy to finally fix this with the best version of Eliss yet: Eliss Infinity, up to date with all the features of the 1.1 iOS update. Speaking of which...

1.1 Update

This is the first Eliss Infinity update and it's a big one. A big change is it makes the Infinity game first and foremost, so the flow has changed a bit, in hindsight it should have been this way on launch. It also lowers the difficulty on the beginning of Infinity but also in many sectors of Odyssey, so if you were stuck, give it another shot. Tutorial steps were also changed to communicate some concepts better, so if you're still confused by some aspects of Eliss, give the new tutorial a shot. The update also adds multiple new features and improvements. One big introduction is Game Center achievements and their in-game counterparts, Gems. If you already played Eliss Infinity, depending on your progress, when you update you'll automatically get a bunch of achievements and gems! But there's a lot more. Here's the full list of changes:

  • new: achievements,
  • new: gems (achievements counterparts within Eliss interface),
  • new: ∞ score displays visualization of recent supernovas,
  • new: immediate visual feedback shows if planet should be bigger or smaller,
  • new: planet-grab anim and sound,
  • improved: damage sound now positional making it easier to locate collisions by sound when using headphones,
  • improved: portals will now only rarely overlap,
  • improved: removed 5 fingers limitation on iPad, now allows up to 11,
  • new: unlocking a mode displays an animation during game,
  • new unlock flow: tutorial -> Infinity -> Odyssey after 5000 pts -> sandbox after 3 sectors,
  • improved: Infinity difficulty: gentler difficulty curve until 4000 points,
  • improved: Odyssey difficulty: less supernovas required in many sectors,
  • improved: tutorial better at teaching disc-portal matching, collision, multitouch and infinity combos,
  • improved: Infinity nova score to stay on screen longer,
  • improved: pause takes to modes screen instead of home,
  • improved: resume button more obvious,
  • improved: help pages,
  • improved: arp button now in Odyssey screen (appears after beating sector 1),
  • fixed: bug with syncing offline progress with online progress,
  • fixed: bug with infinity best score flag,
  • and more miscellaneous tweaks and fixes.

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