Steph Thirion, Oahu, 2014.06.20

Eliss News

I have multiple Eliss related things to announce today:

  • Eliss Infinity 1.1. This is a big update with dozens of new features and improvements. I posted a few quick previews of some of the new features on Vine, go ahead and peek here, here, here, and here. Other changes include a gentler difficulty curve in Infinity mode, better portal spawning for less overlapping, positional damage sound, and better interface flow, amongst others.

  • Eliss Infinity for Android. Eliss is often referred as a multitouch classic; it's about time it lands on Android. This will be the first time Eliss can be played on this platform. It will come out with the same features as the upcoming 1.1 update on iOS. I partnered with Finji to help make this happen. The road of making and selling games (specially by yourself) can get a bit rocky sometimes and it's been great to have the support of such smart and talented people, who happen to love the same things I do, to bring this game to Android.

  • Eliss soundtrack. This is also a first, the music from Eliss will finally be available for purchase. This will be in the shape of two EPs: the first will contain the music of 2009's Eliss, and the second will rock the music additions from 2014's Eliss Infinity.

All of the above come out next week, on June 26th.

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