Steph Thirion, Barcelona, 2009.05.02

To the Audience

Since its release, I’ve seen Eliss rocket from total obscurity to being written about by a respectable amount of blogs and played by thousands. Now, part of the point of putting all the work into it was actually this - getting it to an audience. And I won’t deceive with false modesty, with Eliss, I honestly believed I was working on something special. But I had never achieved such a thing, reaching an audience. And picture me working all by myself on an original idea - not a tried and tested formula - and the only people who had seen the game were from my circle of friends and colleagues - none of which were even remotely connected to the gaming industry. Often insomnia would strike in, and I would ask aloud, to the darkness of the room, “will anyone appreciate this”? (My girlfriend had by that time developed the habit of using earplugs). And then in a spectacle of light rays and stars, the Fairy of Reason would appear to me and speak tenderly: "good hearted child, if you love it, some people, who have things in common with you, will too”. And then, on my knees, holding my hands together, tears shaking on the corners of my begging eyes, I would ask, “what if I’m just a freak and no one is like me?” And then she’d say, in her soothing voice: “Well, it’s true that you do some weird shit. Do you always have to do the dishes with gloves on?” And then I’d reply: “I don’t like detergent, my hands get all dehydrated and”. But the Fairy of Reason would not wait for me to finish: “Do you really need four duvets, in springtime?” And me: “Look, I get chilly when I sleep. Can we get back to my game?” And then, just as she appeared, in a beautiful glow of white color, she was gone.

So when it actually happened, when I moved from where I only had the opinions of dear friends and family, to the state of having a multitude of people that I had never met - including individuals whose work I follow and admire - who got excited about my work, my brain blew up in a million particles inside my head. And although it’s been almost two months since Eliss was released, I’m still floating around in a dreamy haze, with a stupid smile stamped over my face. These are some exciting times for me. To those who are part of the audience, thank you.

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